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Vendor-Supported Social Media Management

Determined to lay a solid foundation for his successor, Duane Otremba added a recent college graduate to his one-person marketing team in January 2013 to handle St. Cloud (Minn.) Federal Credit Unionís new social media channels. more>

Not Even One Note

Starting at the age of nine, I played the clarinet for eight years. more>

Growing Investments Means Embracing Gen X and Gen Y Now

A tremendous amount of wealth is going to change hands through inheritance in the next 10 years, and the indicators are not good that credit unions will retain this wealth unless they start actively engaging Generation X and Generation Y now, attendees of more>

Member Spotlight: Roy MacKinnon

Roy MacKinnon is the Vice President of Marketing at $1.06 Billion at First Entertainment CU in Hollywood, Calif. more>

Boost Relationships and Results by Engaging Members in Credit Union Initiatives

As credit union marketers and business development leaders, we are tasked with knowing our products, selling our services, and supporting our strategic initiatives. more>

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Check out the most recent In the Spotlight: Roy MacKinnon
Periodically the CMBDC will be highlighting one of its members. They will be sharing with us their best practices, biggest challenges, and some tidbits about themselves. (view the archives)