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2012 Diamond Award Results

This year, the judges reviewed entries with a different focus than in the past.  They were asked to identify entries that deserved to be recognized with a Diamond Award and determine the entries that were the BEST IN EACH CATEGORY, known as the Categories Best.  We’ve also added a Color award for brilliant use of art, a CUT award for the most edgy and a CLARITY award for the most sentimental.  We also honor the Best Use of Humor.  And, of course, the Diamond Award Best of Show. 

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Award Winners

Best of Show Winners

Full List of Winners

Gallery of winners, by category

  1. Annual Reports
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Branding/Corporate Identity
  4. Business/SEG Development
  5. Community/Public Relations Program
  6. Community/Public Relations Single Event
  7. Complete Campaign
  8. Credit Union Association/Leaugue or CUSO Marketing Campaign
  9. Credit Union Association/League or CUSO Publications
  10. Diamond in the Rough
  11. Direct Mail (single)
  12. Direct Mail (series)
  13. Electronic Marketing
  14. Email Marketing
  15. Financial Education
  16. Internal Marketing Incentive Campaign
  17. Logos
  18. Membership Packets, Brochures, or Booklets
  19. Miscellaneous
  20. Newsletters or Magazine Publications
  21. Outdoor
  22. Plastic Access Card Design
  23. Point of Sale Display
  24. Print Ad
  25. Radio (single)
  26. Radio (series)
  27. Retail Merchandising
  28. Segmented Marketing
  29. Social Media
  30. Television (single)
  31. Television (series)
  32. Web site Marketing
  33. Youth Marketing